About Me

I love food, cooking and eating it, being outdoors and writing. I have written stories for unsuspecting friends and family since I was a child and, at one point, had aspirations to be a journalist. However, after university, I put my pens (literally) down and took a different career path although a part of me never let go of the thought of writing once more.

After I found myself at home with a child, writing became a balm, and an escape. Before I knew it, I was planning the book that is soon to be published.

My day is not complete without….Coffee

My favourite place…a lake my family have visited since I was a child. Or failing that, walking along the river path near our home.

Current words I wish I had known about sooner:

  • Pandiculating – to stretch and yawn at the same time;
  • spuddle – to work feebly or in effectively because you woke up tired or are daydreaming;
  • phrontisery – a place for contemplation

The fact these are all about tiredness and sleeping is possibly why I like coffee so much!

Podcasts I couldn’t do without: